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Tebow denies trade rumor; impact Gators in NFL

Tim Tebow would love to get significant snaps this week against the same Steelers team he dramatically booted from the playoffs last season. More importantly, if he doesn’t start to see more of the field — at least more than his five carries last week — a source told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News that he’ll seek a trade out of the Big Apple. “I think he will be a good soldier,” the source said Wednesday. “At… Read More »

Tebow takeover seems inevitable entering camp

It almost reads like the script of an old school mafia movie. One can imagine Jets owner Woody Johnson (the don) with his arm around Mark Sanchez (the promising associate), whispering his assurances in New York. “Sure thing, Mark. You’re our guy. Tim? Fuggedaboutit. We got your back.” Then, as expected, comes the hit. The Jets’ training camp begins this Thursday, and so does the drama between Sanchez and backup quarterback Tim Tebow. All eyes will be on them, especially… Read More »