Following his comments two weeks ago that he was interested in a career in politics, former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is reportedly considering running for a 4th Congressional District seat.

This news follows the announcement that Rep. Ander Crenshaw, a 16-year House appropriator from Jacksonville, would retire this year at the end of his term.

Tebow, 28, lives in the district and runs his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, in Duval County.

“If there’s a chance you can make a difference someday in something, then that would be intriguing,” Tebow recently told FOX News at his foundation’s golf tournament.

Following Crenshaw’s announcement, the website Red Alert Politics endorsed Tebow as a potential candidate.

Tebow has yet to respond to the endorsement. The deadline for Tebow to enter the Aug. 30th primary is June 24.

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