Joakim Noah is having his best run as a pro. (Photo by Getty Images)

Less than a month ago, sixth-year Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah had a total of three triple-doubles in his NBA career.

He now has six.

The former Gator posted 10 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists Wednesday night in Chicago’s 105-94 win at Detroit. It was his second triple-double in three games and his third in 11.

It was also his fifth double-digit assist game since Feb. 6. He had recorded just two for his career prior to this season.

Noah started off slow against the Pistons before turning in eight points, five assists and three rebounds in the fourth quarter.

“He’s been on an incredible roll for a long time,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said afterward. “He was patient tonight. He wasn’t really struggling, but he wasn’t in a rhythm like he normally is. He just kept working the game, and that’s where his experience comes in. He sizes things up, keeps working, and all of a sudden he’ll get four or five rebounds in a row.”

What made his performance even more impressive was that he injured his right thumb during the game and reportedly left the area wearing a protective brace.

Noah told reporters his injury was “just a little boo-boo” and he would be fine.

The two-time All-Star is taking his recent success in stride.

“It feels good,” Noah told ESPN. “It feels good, but … just as much as people can put you on a pedestal and say, ‘Oh man, you’re doing great.’ In a week, just like that, it can go away. So I don’t take that for granted and I just try to focus on what’s important. Because if you focus on that, on the praise, I think it just makes things harder.”

Here’s a video feature Noah did with BullsTV, which published Wednesday.

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