Joakim Noah and LeBron James get into a scuffle during Game 2 of the 2013 Eastern Conference semifinals. (Photo by Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

In a rare occurrence, LeBron James and Joakim Noah had exchanges on a basketball court Sunday that weren’t physical or verbal confrontations.

The two rivals actually found some chemistry during the fourth quarter of the East’s 163-155 victory in the NBA All-Star game.

James set up Noah for a pair of dunks, one on a fast break and the other off a pick-and-roll.

“He’s a high-energy guy, a high-IQ guy,” James said of Noah to the Palm Beach Post. “I found something that fourth quarter knowing that I could use his screen-and-rolls. I don’t need much time to get chemistry with guys like that.”

Noah, who’s had beef with James since his days in Cleveland, enjoyed being on the receiving end of his assists, if only for one night.

“That’s usually how I score, on the pocket pass. He’s one of the best pocket passers in the world. (It was) fun,” Noah told CSN Chicago.

In his second career All-Star game, Noah finished with eight points, five rebounds, five assists and one steal in 21 minutes of play, the most action by any reserve player.

“I was happy to be there down the stretch,” he said. “It’s hard to show what you can do in limited minutes, but I had a great time and to be able to play like that in an All-Star game in front of all your friends, I know my family’s watching. It’s a good feeling.”

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